MPP’s Global Project Tracker maps announcements, investment decisions and operations of net-zero-aligned industrial projects across critical industrial sectors globally.

The tracker sheds new light on the state of transition in seven heavy industry and transport sectors, which account for 30% of global carbon emissions, and reveals a growing pipeline of net-zero-aligned projects across the ‘harder-to-abate’ sectors.

However, it warns that rapid acceleration is needed to bring almost 600 decarbonised plants under construction in the coming years to meet deployment goals for a 1.5 C aligned trajectory.

The Global Project Tracker is now live here and maps the location and status globally of net-zero-aligned assets across seven sectors. It enables industry groups to identify potential partners or green hubs, financial institutions to see potential investment options, and policymakers to track progress in their regions and inform decision-making. With quarterly updates, MPP will continue to chart the levers that can unlock progress in bringing a critical mass of projects to realisation this decade.

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