Robert Hertzberg

Robert Hertzberg is the former Speaker of the California State Assembly (2000-2002) and former Majority Leader of the California State Senate (2019-2022).  During his tenure in the California Legislature, Hertzberg was the architect of substantial renewable energy and clean tech legislation.  Outside of government service he served as Chairman of Solar Integrated Technologies, a Los Angeles bases solar company that won the 2005 Wall Street Innovation award in the field of energy. Later he served as Chairman of G 24 Innovations whose solar factory was located in Cardiff, Wales.  In that role he was recognized as “50 People Who Could Save the Planet” by the UK Guardian Magazine, won the World Bank Award for Lighting Africa for a project in Rwanda, and was recognized by the United Nations for his wind powered solar factory.   He is a 1979 graduate of the University of California San Francisco School of Law, and a 1976 Graduate of the University of Redlands.  He lives in Southern California.

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