MPP and RMI, in collaboration with the Bezos Earth Fund, are accelerating clean industrial hub development in the US by facilitating information sharing, spotlighting first movers, and helping projects reach their greatest potential to reduce emissions and provide community benefits. Crucial to building industrial decarbonisation projects, hubs concentrate opportunity and distribute risk.

To spur progress and learnings, this work is being done by a team co-staffed and co-led by MPP and RMI.

The Port of Los Angeles is one of the largest seaports in the United States and consistently the busiest container-handling port by tonnage in the country. Combined with the Port of Long Beach, these ports emitted 2.4 million metric tons of carbon dioxide in 2021- equivalent (CO2e)—representing two percent of California’s total emissions.
We are working with projects in the Gulf Coast and Southern California to accelerate regional development and ultimately position these projects to reduce or avoid greenhouse gas emissions by up to 1 gigaton by 2050. These local successes will provide the foundation for global impact. Policy, financial institutions, communities and the private sector all must work together to enable clean industrial projects, especially for large-scale urban projects like those planned for Southern California and the Texas Gulf Coast.

Working with Bezos Earth Fund, MPP and RMI have been able to work with the Ports on three types of projects: (1) green shipping corridors, (2) zero-emissions terminal operations, and (3) zero-emissions drayage trucking.

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