of global of yearly CO2 emissions


largest emitter in the world if the industry were a country


growth in demand by 2050


We are accelerating the development and upscaling of low-emissions technologies for chemical production by:

Collaborating within and across industry and public-private sectors

Developing cross-industry pilot projects for prioritised technologies

Addressing technology, regulatory, funding and market challenges


The Mission Possible Partnership is producing chemicals transitions strategies prioritizing the most highly emissive parts of the sector. The first transition strategy produces pathways to decarbonise one of the most highly emissive and widely used chemicals, Ammonia. Endorsed by major ammonia producers and stakeholders up and down the value chain, MPP’s Ammonia Transition Strategy provides a shared vision for the industry’s low-carbon future, providing real economy milestones and detailing the industry, policy, and finance action required to get to net zero on a 1.5C-aligned pathway. It outlines, for example, that 50-120 Mt/y of near-zero emissions ammonia production capacity would need to be online by 2030 to kick-off the transition to net zero in the 2030s and 2040s – requiring a ramp-up of the current project pipeline by a factor of 2-4.


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